September 1st, 2017 by Vice

Windows Defender has decided to flag our current version of the dsetup.dll from CensoredScripts Sguard antibot protection. This particular program may warn you that a trojan is nesting quietly in the file but we assure you there is no such trojan or backdoor. These modified files are necessary for the bare minimum of antibot protection and gives us full control over important parameters such as the HWID key for bans.

If Windows Defender has flagged your file, you’ll need to restore the file from quarantine, otherwise we will not be able to apply a fix to our updater. In the next few days we will be releasing a new version of the file on the updater which will prevent this whole mess.

If you cannot connect due to Windows Defender follow these steps:

1. Turn off windows defender in settings, real time protection, everything:

2. Restore the quarantined file to enable Censored to work again.

3. Wait for our fix to be applied in the next few days to prevent further false positives.

4. Reactivate Windows Defender to ensure you’re protected in the future from threats.

Thank you for your patience.