September 28th, 2017 by Vice

We have wiped the database from closed beta. All accounts generated as of September 28, 2017, are now live. Any donations that are processed as of September 28, 2017, using the control panel via PayPal are now live and will be delivered to your account automatically. The iCoins will already be in your account automatically, so donating early can save you a lot of hassle. But we also understand that some players would like to wait and try INERA before making such choices. Donating early will guarantee your iCoins on launch, delaying is a risk as there may be stability issues with the database on the 30th of September, due to the high volume of traffic. We cannot foresee all problems, especially with the control panel, choose carefully.

– All players, even closed beta testers, will need to register NEW accounts using the control panel as of September 28, 2017.

– All players may now donate. Your iCoins will automatically be delivered to your account and be there on the 30th of September.

Thank you for choosing PlayINERA.