April 23rd, 2016 by Vice

So the long awaited alpha is on it’s way. Everyone has been very patient with our work and at last we will be showcasing some of the concepts to the more interested players. The alpha will be open to players that are knowledgeable on the game. It will not be an open beta or stress test in any way but, rather, a chance to glimpse into the minds of our team and assess the early stages of the server. The goal will be to find bugs and give an overall impression of the server.

Joining the alpha is easy; it requires you to have access to our forum’s private section – talk to a GM. The files will be put on a high end machine and fully setup so the game should be lag free and give you a sneak peek of how the game will feel at launch. However, things can certainly change if players find certain concepts unnerving. The point here is that our team will work very closely with structuring this server to match the image of what you guys want.

If you have any questions you may contact me on the forum either through a private message or in the boards themselves. Thank you for your patience.