February 7th, 2017 by Vice

The alpha testing has begun. Specific players will be going through the PlayINERA world to explore quests, rates, balance issues, and instances. The world as a whole is not yet fully complete but the alpha test will serve as a means to start the balancing process. Players will be restricted to private access on the server and the alpha will be closed for individuals that are eager to improve the overall quality of this server. Certain players will have access to a GM account for testing purposes.

The event system has been tested and is working quite well, with the exception of a few events like mario kart, greatness, and a few others. The engine, as a whole, is very well designed and will work wonders once live. All in all, the testing phase is going quite smoothly and we are very proud of the players that have taken the time to go through the server, step by step. We would like to thank Saya, Kerrigan, and Analyzer, especially, for their time invested.