May 12th, 2017 by Vice

A big update is incoming. We’ll be releasing some interesting new features in the upcoming weeks. Some things to look forward to are the following: a brand new damage meter that will track on screen damage and resistances/cancels/critical hits. It is similar in nature to the meters that exist for the official. Sindelia has been kind enough to code the system from scratch for your benefit, be sure to thank him for all the hard work at some point. The system is ready, we are merely preparing to release it.

We will be releasing a complete UI redesign of the beauty shop; it will now match retail. This was also designed and coded from scratch. Your thanks should once again be directed towards Sindelia. The system is complete and is in prep for a release. Various bugs will be patched and game play issues fixed. These details will be released in the client/server notes. Please read them for more details.

A new trailer has been released. You can see it on the homepage or our Youtube channel. We’ve added a Youtube and Facebook link to the front page as well. If you’re interested in our project then help us grow by liking our Facebook page. Every like helps!

We’ll keep everyone posted on future updates and our progress as usual.

Thank you.