September 16th, 2017 by Vice

Our entire staff are working around the clock to meet the necessary requirements for a good and healthy launch day. We will go over some things that we have done in the past few days in case it was no mentioned in the forum. The service station has now been priced. You can investigate the necessary items needed for subclasses, noblesse, and class changes. The INERA store is back into a beta phase those items will not in any way be available on the launch.

Regarding the INERA store, only agathions, cosmetics, and shout tokens will be available the first week of game play. As the community continues to play and gear up more items will become available to the store, following the majority rule policy. If you are unaware of how the INERA store works, please read the following article: How the Inera Store works.

We’ve also added a new topic to the forums called, “Frequent Questions.” Feel free to add questions that people ask you a lot. Contribute to this category if you think that an explanation will help clear some of the questions about PlayINERA and the server. You can find that topic here be sure to contribute: Click here to see frequent questions.

The promotional box event is coming soon. We still need to work out the details this weekend. The premium features have been released, please read the thread and elaborate on whether they are adequate for the server. The same concept applies to our concerns for grand raids. Community input is vital to maintaining a healthy community.

Lastly, we’re very proud to announce that all INERA GUIDE tutorials will be translated into 7 different languages: German, Russian, Romanian, Polish Spanish, Portuguese, and Greek. If some players would like to volunteer to do some translations for their community that would be fantastic. We currently have German completed. The remaining languages have yet to be translated. At the start of the server players will be able to select the language they prefer and the INERA GUIDE will correspond to the selection. So Greek language will have a Greek INERA GUIDE, and the same goes for Russian or Polish. We thought this would be a nice addition to help new players get oriented.

English Inera Guide

German Inera Guide

And don’t forget to tell everyone about our server. Word of mouth is your best weapon for growth!