July 30th, 2017 by Vice

Well it is now that time of year folks. We are beginning to enter into our advertising stage with paid banners, our budget will run far and wide to bring you the very best collection of players that want to build a community. Over the next few months you will begin to realize a few changes to our website, involving banners and vote methods to promote PlayINERA. To keep things short, we have chosen TopZone to be one of our vote-based websites. A portion of our budget will also run through paid banners on other websites, but the primary content will reside on a few vote sites that we will choose carefully. We do not want to overburden you with having to vote on too many websites. We think you can handle a few, however.

You can start casting your votes for PlayINERA on TopZone if you wish to do so. Our server is currently listed on TopZone and has yet to be listed on CensoredNetwork. Growing this server will be a collective effort. We would love to see everyone working towards a common goal, that is, in making this best possible environment for a grand community. We look forward to cooperating with you in the next few months.

Remember to tell you friends about us. Our launch is right around the corner. Reminder we go live on Saturday September 30, 2017.