August 29th, 2017 by Vice

First and foremost, a few changes have been made to the rates. These changes have been reflected at the end of this update. We believe that these new rates will have more of an overall balance between spoils, drops, and raids. The drop rate algorithm is working as per retail. The way it works is that only one item can drop per group if you use the database as a reference it may seem confusing at first but allow me to elaborate with an example:

SOP 1-3: 80%
DMP 1-1: 50%
MA 1-1: 25%
You have a 3/4 chance to get the main group successfully. Then you have individual chances to get SOP, DMP, and MA, 4/5 for SOP, 1/2 for DMP, and 1/4 for MA.

If all 3 items roll successfully. Then you will only get MA. If SOP AND DMP roll successfully, then you will get DMP. If obviously only SOP rolls successfully, you get SOP.

If the group rolls successfully but all 3 items fail, you get nothing. So the lowest percent that is rolled successfully always gets priority for the drop.

Now this does not mean you cannot get more than 1 item per mob. Mobs have multiple groups, adena is often one group, and weapons/parts are different groups, materials are usually part of different groups as well. So it all depends on how the groups are structured for a monster. Generally the stronger the monster the better the rates, etc.

Latest changes to rates as of August 29, 2017:
RaidBossDropChance has changed from x6 to x4.
General items drop has changed from x6 to x12 (lifestones, keys, etc).
Materials drop has increased from x1 amount to x3 amount. Chance remains x3.

It has also come to our attention that some players are worried about questioning things about the administration/server. Well there is certainly a right way and a wrong way to go about this. Outright insulting the server will not gain you any favour with us, that’s for sure. But having a negative opinion will also not make us vexed as one might imagine. We’re looking to improve our systems constantly. So try to go about it the right way and we’ll certainly work alongside you to fix any issues. Just remember we’re doing this as a hobby. And at the end of the day talented people are taking time out of their busy jobs and schedules to make a server that is unquestionably the best project. Always be courteous and try to be cooperative with the GMs. We are people too and we have tempers just the same.

In addition, a few players have wondered why Vice is always afk. Vice is the manager of INERA but is generally a very busy person and rarely around due to timezone issues, he’s from Canada. As we’ve illustrated many times the INERA staff have regular jobs and do not do this full time for a living. It would be an absolute pleasure to one day develop full time, our staff would certainly appreciate the opportunity. But alas we are in no position to do that, at least not yet. So if Vice is unresponsive it is very likely that he is simply not around, so rest assured you are not being ignored. All messages, emails, and posts will be addressed within 24 hours of reaching Vice, so one way or another he will respond accordingly. We hope this clears up some issues with reaching our manager.

Thank you.