August 8th, 2018 by Vice

So you have been waiting for this for how long exactly? I imagine you are just anxious to gain access to our brand new season; after all, it comes with so many new features and improvements that you probably do not know what to expect. We know what to expect though and our expectations are on bugs, fixes, and smooth game play. This means that we need your help, specifically to assist in finding imperfections in the season.

Our primary focus will be on rates, zones, and progression. We’ve slowed the game down significantly and we need to make sure that every zone is behaving harmoniously. You will need to explore the world and do some hard grinding / investigation to really nail these rates.

Our second focus will be on finalizing the new systems, i.e. the ability tree, the events, and the blood royale. We will be working in the background while you run around and test the world accordingly.

Make sure to always leave feedback. This is how we gauge our performance as administrators.

Closed Beta will begin on August 15th, 2018.

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We’re looking forward to seeing you in-game yet again.