October 16th, 2017 by Vice

The bloody weekend is now over. Congratulations to opening up Stage 4 of the blood pool. We have heard your voice, that Hellbound is too difficult to level on account of it being tied to the Blood Pool and its stages. We have decided to change Hellbound to reflect 2x the number of the Blood Pool stage. So as of October 16, Hellbound will be level 9, and this zone will be fully opened at level 11 when the Blood Pool reaches Stage 5, the same stage that Seed of Infinity opens. It works like this:

HB 1   BP 0
HB 3   BP 1
HB 5   BP 2
HB 7   BP 3
HB 9   BP 4
HB 11   BP 5

Moreover, the Olympiad tokens will be available to be acquired as of October 16, 2017. There was an issue with their delivery. The Olympiad history will also be looked at to ensure that the games played is consistent with the database. Currently there is an issue with the history of the games. Rest assured all heroes this week earned their hero properly by playing the necessary number of games, despite the history showing differently.

Good luck opening Hellbound! The blood pool is nearly halfway there.

We are rooting for you!