November 3rd, 2015 by Vice

So what’s the status of the server? Well everyone is asking me when approximately we are going to open. The problem with giving an answer is I have no idea how quickly we can setup the world. We have many scripts left to port, some are easy, some a bit more difficult; as such, it is very hard to estimate even an approximate date of launch. If I were to guess and be wrong, then we would need to delay the project’s opening, and you will no doubt find this frustrating. So the best solution is to just address the issue and say that we are about 60% done in porting our scripts. We’ve setup a lot of things but there is still more to do.

So what should you do in the meantime? Well, find your friends, get ready for the server. We will definitely launch before Christmas so you have plenty of time to put together your crews. Go advertise us while we setup our infrastructure. We will always try to do good by you. And I hope in return, you as a community will try to do good by us too. Thank you for your patience, in earnest. And I hope you enjoy your stay at Inera Gaming.

TLDR: Launch estimate before Christmas THE LATEST.