November 27th, 2015 by Vice

Greetings players! The holiday season is approaching and we’re all excited. I know it is not often that I get a chance to update everyone on the status of affairs, so let’s try to catch up a bit while we have time. The server is progressing very well. We have a lot of great features already coded, such as the community board, beauty shop, rankings, and hall of fame. Our developer is now going to focus on implementing the blood pool system and fine tuning a lot of the little things that our testers have requested. Our designers has prepared all the necessary visual adjustments for our systems and things are really turning out great. It is going to be a very well rounded server, that’s for sure!

So why is it taking so long? As I tell most players often enough, good things take time. It is imperative that we do not rush the content on Inera, to keep it fresh, but most importantly to maintain a high degree of functionality. We don’t want bugs or imbalance to ruin your overall experience. I still don’t know when we will make the launch. It is impossible to tell without having the infrastructure ready for play. So until then, please be a little more patient. We have good things coming!