September 29th, 2017 by Vice

Register now. Do not wait to register the last minute. Make sure to test your connection to the live server. You will fail to access it, but if you can get to the login screen and click the server itself then you are good to go. It should say failed to access. Protection errors or critical errors are not expected. If you receive those, your files are corrupt and you may need to reinstall the client and updater from scratch.

Download the client and updater early. The client is a very big file, do not wait to do this. Make sure you know how to use the updater properly. There are tutorials and guides in the forum and on the website in various forms. It is imperative that you prepare yourself early, so there is no chance for error or the unexpected, use the time you’ve been given to ensure that the launch goes smooth for you. Our staff will not be of any assistance on the day of the launch. We will be very busy with stabilizing the server.

Use our expertise while you have the chance. Do not hesitate!

Thank you for your cooperation.

Good luck on the 30th!