November 26th, 2017 by Vice

A lot of drama has come about regarding the Exclusive clan and its players. We are going to remind everyone on the INERA server that it is your responsibility to report issues within the game that are game breaking. For example, if you notice that a particular zone under certain circumstances is giving you a tremendous amount of blood stones, then it is your duty to report this to the admins so we can prepare a fix. Balance is an integral part of our community and it becomes impossible if we have players working against us.

Now regarding the Exclusive clan, a majority of the players have been banned. Prior to doing so, we warned the clan as a whole that dropping items in Giran and making a spectacle of our server is not the right way to go about quitting. As a result, anyone caught doing such an act has been banned for a substantial duration. Our community is thriving and growing ever so slowly, our community and new players alike do not need to see the negativity that comes with those that are disappointing with our staff or our project. Do not come under the impression that we will not issue bans to maintain the population of our server. We would rather have a small server with balance than a large server that is out of control. So play nice, play fair, and respect our rules. Do so and you will not face any issues on INERA.

For those that have been banned, if you send Vice a screenshot of your character in full gear we will restore your account.

For those that participated in the childish antics of leaving in a spectacle, we wish you the best of luck elsewhere.

More updates to come. A lot of changes will come about during the Christmas season. With a brand new Christmas event too!

Thank you for choosing PlayINERA.