August 14th, 2016 by Vice

The alpha schedule has been loosely drawn up by our team. The release of the launcher for the alpha will become available once the blood pool and event system have been refined enough to allow testers to explore them fully without major complications. Our developer is currently fixing a small bug list that a player has compiled for us using the bug tracker and, upon completion, he will move on to patching the blood pool and events. Although both are nearly complete, there are a few issues we need to handle before the alpha will be ready for complete testing. A majority of the Hellbound bugs have been patched and, from the looks of it, everything is progressing well. An estimated release for the alpha will be mid September. This gives our team just enough time to structure the world and provide players with a good foundation for testing so as to not make it overwhelming. So please exact just a small bit of patience as we prepare everything for you and we hope you enjoy the alpha as much as we did in making it. Thank you all for being so patient with this project. It will be worth the wait.