Did you know that INERA's 'Revamped' server is what made us famous?
Now, our team has redesigned the 'Revamped' server into 'Bloodlust'.
Bloodlust is a 100% PvP server full of carnage, death, and enhancements.
This server was not developed to provide you with the retail experience.
'Bloodlust' is a fast-paced progressive PvP world for the true PvP experts.
Come play on the most beautiful PvP server to ever be released.
Review our features below.
The Ultimate PvP Server
'Bloodlust' is INERA's progressive PvP server. This world is not for the handless players; in 'Bloodlust' you will need to apply strategy and cooperate with others to progress your characters and lockdown objectives. This is not a server to do quests, grind hard, craft gear, spoil mobs, or debate about L2OFF vs L2J. 'Bloodlust' will not deliver a nostalgic or classic experience like retail - instead it will provide you with a platform to show the world whether you're the ultimate PvP champion.
Why Choose 'Bloodlust'?
'Bloodlust' is jam-packed with over five years of high quality content. We will provide you with new features, events, and progressive elements that you will not find anywhere else. INERA is known for its innovation and standards for excellence, so we can promise you that there is no PvP server better than Bloodlust.
"Let's get this party started."
We've been waiting for this day of reckoning.
Aden/Rune Sieges
Sunday 18:00 to 20:00
Territory Wars
Saturday 18:00 to 20:00
'Bloodlust' Key Features
  • Gracia zones removed
  • Hellbound turned into a party farming zone
  • Fortresses have been removed
  • All quests have been removed except SA
  • Catacombs & Necropoli have been removed
  • Kamaloka, Delusion, Rift, are removed.
  • Only Rune & Aden are siegable castles
  • TW: Badges, Rewards, & Noblesse removed
  • TW: Each flag provides +1 to all stats
  • Castle owners have access to an exclusive buff
  • FoG, IT, AQ, Orfen, Core, & Zaken are 85
  • Autolearn skills & autoloot enabled
  • Macro-reuse bug is enabled for all classes
  • XP freeze enabled and buff stores disabled
  • Buy 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & Sub for adena or iCoins
  • Buy Noble using Barakiel Token (tradeable)
  • Scheme buffer & global teleport enabled
  • Buffs last 2 hours and cost adena or stones
  • Weight Limit: x1.5
  • Sieges & Territory Wars occur every 7 days
  • Heroes 2 weeks and tokens 1/2 per cycle
  • CTRL + LClick CP pots to activate auto use
  • Monsters only drop Adena and Blood Stones
  • Party Recall and Blessed SOEs disabled
  • Steal Divinity nerfed: steals 1 to 7 buffs
  • Dance/Song of Blade/Wind Storm removed
  • Non-premium users restricted to 2 clients
"A simple way of life."
Progressive items can be bought from Venustia or La Vie en Rose in Giran.
39 Skills
Unlock the entire tree.
390 Levels
Show them your power.
Introducing the Ability Tree
The Ability Tree is an important part of Bloodlust. The tree has 39 abilities to select from and each ability has 10 different stages providing over 390 levels to unlock. Progressing through the tree will fortify the attributes of your character. Players may increase the level of an ability by using Blood Stones; however, this comes with a chance for failure. The cost and failure chance will depend on the ability's current level. Failing to increase the level of an ability will decrease its current level by one point and any Blood Stones spent will not be refunded.
How the Ability Tree Works
  1. Select an ability closest to the center (4 Options).
  2. Spend Blood Stones to increase the ability's level.
  3. Unlock nearby nodes only if the ability is > Lvl 5
  4. Proceed to unlock nodes that are linked by thread.
  5. Unlock all 390 levels of the tree with dedication.
"A complex system of skill nodes."
The ability tree is unique to INERA; it does not exist on other PvP servers.
Daily Progression
Unlock rewards with our milestone system.
The Daily System
Bloodlust features a large collection of milestones your character can aim for on a daily basis to receive rewards. Some of these milestones are PvP related like slaying players in certain zones, others farm related like killing a certain number of monsters on a daily basis, and others are permanent gains like achieving a certain level or killing a certain raid.
The Daily Rewards
Dailies vary in rewards, some will give you Blood Stones or bonuses, others unique potions or upgrades that cannot be purchased elsewhere. Players can review the rewards for each milestone and strive to unlock their goodies.
"Unlock milestones for loot."
Progress through the world with little perks and bonuses by completing milestones.
Progressive Gameplay
Gradually build your character through farm and PvP.
The Blood Stone
The Blood Stone is precious! Certain types of monsters in the game will drop Blood Stones; the stronger the monster, the more stones it will drop. Blood Stones are an integral part of Bloodlust and are tradeable on the market.
Stealing Stones!
Players in Bloodlust can hunt each other down and steal a percentage of Blood Stones from one another. When a player engages in PvP, the winner of the fight will steal a percent of stones from the loser. Certain rules apply in neutral zones; however, there are no limitations to steal in PvP zones.
Purchase & Upgrade
Blood Stones are the most important currency in Bloodlust. Use these stones to buy items, consumeables, equipment, spellbooks, and to unlock the ability tree. Blood Stones are vital to your progression.
"Harness the power of Blood Stones."
And steal the hard-earned Blood Stones of other players through PvP.
Absolute Carnage
Bloodlust is a dynamic world for the PvP-obsessed but requires strategy.
The Shifting Zone
Every 2 hours during prime time (GMT+2), either Forge of Gods or Imperial Tomb will transform into a PvP zone called the Shifting Zone. Players that enter either zone will automatically flag purple and monsters will drop 100% more blood stones. Two zone shifts will occur during weekdays (Mon-Fri), four shifts during weekends (Sat-Sun). Players must carry a certain number of Blood Stones to stay within the Shifting Zone and there are no rules that apply to stealing these stones. Players that do not meet the entry requirements will be automatically expelled.
Shifting Raidbosses
The shifting zone will spawn a special Raidboss at the beginning of its transformation that has a chance to drop Epic Jewelry, Costume Orbs, and Brooch Gems. The party that does the most damage to the boss will receive the loot from the raid. Champion mobs will also spawn at random throughout the zone - these mobs will drop a large number of Blood Stones.
"Not for the weak of heart."
These are dangerous zones, ensure to carry enough Blood Stones.
Farming Raidbosses
Raids will play an integral role in your strategy.
Epic Raidbosses
Epic zones are PvP zones. When a raidboss of epic status is spawned and alive, the perimeter around its entrance will become a constrained PvP zone such that any players within the vicinity of the epic zone will automatically flag purple. Due to the PvP addition to Epic Raids, players must carry a certain number of Blood Stones to stay within the perimeter and there are no rules that apply to stealing these stones. Players that do not meet the minimum carry requirement will be automatically expelled.
Raidboss Rewards
  • Raids <=75: Clan Reputation Boxes.
  • Raids >=76: Above + Fame Boost Boxes.
  • Raids >=80: Above + Unique Cloaks.
  • Shift: Brooch Gem, Costume Orb, 1% Epic.
  • Epic: Brooch Gem, Costume Orb, Retail Epic.
"Make raids great again."
Plan your strategy and collect the rewards to grow stronger.
Raidboss Timers
Here's a breakdown of what to expect.
Raid & Instance Timers
  • Normal Raids: 12h + 1h.
  • Queen Ant: Mon/Wed/Fri at 17:00.
  • Core: Mon/Wed/Fri at 18:00.
  • Orfen: Mon/Wed/Fri at 19:00.
  • Baium: Friday at 20:00.
  • Antharas: Saturday at 21:00.
  • Valakas: Sunday at 21:00.
  • Frintezza: Tue/Thu at 20:00.
  • Zaken is now a world boss.
  • Zaken spawns Tue/Thur at 18:00.
  • All epics are now lvl 85.
  • All epics are now PvP zones.
  • Barakiel every day at 16:00.
  • Barakiel is now a PvP zone.
"Raidbosses have static timers."
Epic spawns have been adjusted to maximize the PvP between players.
Costume Augments
Upgrade your costumes using orbs and gain beneficial stats.
Unique Costumes
Bloodlust features over 30 unique costumes. Make sure to speak with La Vie en Rose in Giran; she has the capability to augment your costumes using a special type of ore.
Costume Refinement Ores
Costume Refinement Ores may drop from either Epic or Shifting Raids at differing rates. These orbs are tradeable and players may use them to apply unique stat modifiers to their favourite costumes. Augmenting a costume comes with a random chance and will cost Adena because La Vie en Rose does not take Blood Stones as payment. Unlike weapons, augmented costumes are tradeable on the free market. The chance to acquire a specific tier is oulined below:
  • Tier I (1 attribute): 100%
  • Tier II (2 attributes): 50%
  • Tier III (4 attributes): 12.5%
  • Tier IV (8 attributes): 1.5%
"Costumes are not just for aesthetics."
We have given costumes a boost. What augment will you get?
Brooch Attributes
Collect and upgrade gemstones to power your character.
Introducing the Brooch
Players may upgrade the level of a Brooch by visiting La Vie en Rose in Giran - remember that she will not accept Blood Stones as payment. The number of slots available on a Brooch, similar to a bracelet, will depend on its quality level - i.e. a level 1 Brooch will come with 1 slot for gems. The maximum level for a Brooch is level 6 which will come with 6 slots. All Brooches are tradeable.
Collecting Brooch Jewels
There are many different types of boorch jewels and each will provide a different attribute depending on the quality level. Players may insert several gems into their Brooch to obtain unique stat modifiers. Gemstones are tradeable and may drop from either Epic or Shifting Raids at different rates. Players may increase the quality level of a brooch jewel by visiting La Vie en Rose in Giran.
"Combine different gemstones."
Carefully plan your gemstone combination for maximum glory.
INERA Hub 2.0
Community Boards are from 2010. Welcome to the future.
Pushing Design Limits
If you've been around the private scene, you may have heard that INERA is one of the leading innovators. While most servers struggle to share the recycled HTML community boards of old times, INERA is busy coding and pushing the design limits of our world through UnrealScript. The INERA Hub or iHub has been aesthetically restructured in Bloodlust and now supports a full scheme buffer and unique gatekeeper. Our 2nd revision of the iHub is nothing short of a designer's marvel.
Attention to Detail Matters
What makes us stand out from the rest is that we pay attention to the details. There is no PvP server that can compete with our infrastructure and design capabilities. That's a fact and our iHub 2.0 is just one example of many.
"Raising the standards."
PvP servers have long been neglected by good developers. Until now.
And Our Unique Events
All events have been redesigned with brand new UIs and improvements. Our team has added three new events to the roster this season: Catch the Bomb, Rapid Fire, and Chancho. Everyone knows that INERA has the best events, but we have taken it to a new level in Bloodlust, so we hope you enjoy the changes. Check out the video below from Season III.
Our Events Are Highly Entertaining.
Events are run automatically. Take a break from the carnage and join the fun.
"Legendary events hosted by INERA"
Come and explore our world of unique events and enjoy something new.