August 22nd, 2018 by Vice

So we are actually making excellent time on the testing phase, everything appears to be on schedule. A few quick updates, the Blood Royale is being finalized. For those unaware, this will be our biggest event; it is now directly tied to the Blood Pool. Once the Blood Pool fills up it will not change stage until the Blood Royale comes to and end. Players must teleport to the zone where the Royale is being held and they must compete to kill a Raidboss and its minions. Each stage of the Blood Pool will host a different Royale, and they will get harder and harder. The party with the most damage will get the drops. There are certain rules and conditions in the Royale; it will be quite the blood bath. Remember the Blood Pool will only change stage when the RaidBoss of the Blood Royale dies.

Players will receive an ability point to spend with each stage, and the RaidBoss of each stage will also drop additional ability boxes, consume up to 3 max. That means you can attain a maximum of 13 ability points throughout your life time here at INERA. The ability tree will be finalized too, we still need to workout the nodes as a community.

We will keep you posted on new details.

Thank you to everyone that is taking the time to test our world.