June 16th, 2017 by Vice

We’ll take a look at some of our progress here. As of now we are working on fine-tuning some of the events to prepare them for live, along with a complete assessment of the bug list that’s been generated by testers. Our developers are working hard to make this the best possible server. The website is constantly undergoing small tweaks, so if ever something odd is noticed, it may be a result of unfinished work by Vice.

A large number of bugs have been fixed. The platform, as it stands now, is very good. But we are not aiming for good, we are aiming for great. So the month of June and July will be attributed to maintenance and ensuring that the world is bug free, at least as bug free as we can possibly make it. Sindelia is working on some new interfaces to improve the functionality of certain events and also to give players a server-side overhaul of their system messages, to be modified by players from within the community board.

Exciting things are on the horizon. But we are currently in need of testers. If you know anyone that has a passion for this game, then by all means send them our way and we will get them attuned to become a closed beta tester.

Thank you.