May 14th, 2016 by Vice

The dedicated server is well on its way. This week we will be amassing the necessary funds to launch the Inera project. In total our budget will be $6000 USD, which will be distributed solely for the purpose of procuring a server and ad space. This puts us in an excellent position for a very strong opening day.

In addition, the files will be setup the following week, giving players the ability to test our platform some time after the 20th of May. I cannot be certain when everything will be finished for an alpha phase but rest assured the gears are in motion. I will be releasing a schedule for the estimated launch some time soon. But there will be no announcements until we are absolutely certain that the framework, foundation, and testers are happy.

The dedicated server will be located in France, Gravelines. This puts most European players in the vicinity of its location such that ping should not be an issue. A discussion of a proxy to other parts of the world is still in effect. We are not certain if they will go up; it depends on the activity of players. In the meantime, we will be showcasing a lot of the new content coming to Inera in the form of Youtube clips. They will cover various concepts: hall of fame, community board, blood pool, blood stones, security measures, and so on.