November 15th, 2017 by Vice

The last update was fairly substantial so we think it is essential to go through each of changes carefully. We will also discuss the reasons behind some of the changes and what we plan to do in the future for the various systems that we operate on. This includes the blood pool and the blood price, both of which are the underlying foundation of the INERA server. So without further ado let us jump right into it:

Various Bugs
As usual various bugs were fixed. Ray has done a fantastic job on keeping up with the bug report list. Many of them have been resolved and will continue to be dealt with on a regular. This will occur regardless of the population or activity of the server. We still have a log ways to go until our files can be considered 99.9% retail but ultimately that is our goal. Until that point please remain patient and continue to report issues.

Blood Pool
Venustia and her blood pool have changed drastically. We noticed that players were simply not willing to contribute to the pool, as they coveted their items more so than the pool itself, which in the end was to be expected. As such, the blood stones donated to the pool will now be automatic. Half of all the blood stones you acquire will be donated into a pool, in addition to the ones you acquire. Before you panic, this means that if you collect 2 stones, you will receive 2 stones, and an extra stone will be put into the pool. In other words, you do not lose any blood stones, and only farming monsters will increase the blood pool. To unlock the pool further, the only thing you really need to do is farm monsters and it will begin to unlock automatically. The temple of blood as a result has been removed and you can no longer donate blood stones. Venustia’s Blessing is still available for unlocking it is now tied to farming monsters, however.

Vote Rewards
The vote rewards have been changed to accommodate room for bloody parchments. Voting will now grant you bloody parchments to be spent on the parchments shop via Venustia. An example of the shop and the vote reward can be found in the images below. It is important to vote for our server, even if you dislike the process, it helps us grow and spread the word that we are still active as a community despite what others may think or conclude.

Event Engine
The events will now be automated and will provide bloody parchments as a reward. These parchments can be used to purchase various goods from Venustia in Giran. The winners will receive more parchments than the losers. Additional checks for HWID have been added so players cannot register multiple boxes. The maps and locations of the events have been changed entirely and now better suit the environment and intent of the event.

Parchments Shop
We’ve added a whole new shop to Venustia which has items in exchange for bloody parchments, items you can acquire from participating in events or by voting. There are many new goodies to look forward to and we wish you the best of luck in acquiring them! Below you will find an example of the shop, if you feel that you would like to see additional items in that shop feel free to suggest them in the forum. We’ll certainly consider it.

New UI by Sindelia
A visual overhaul of the inventory UI and store functions has been implemented. The UI is modern and provides more information on the items and transactions. It also allows for your inventory to be open whilst purchasing goods.