September 25th, 2017 by Vice

We have decided to allow unregulated language threads in our forum. All global areas and public spots outside of unregulated zones will be enforced by international language rules, and this means that an English translation must follow any statement in a foreign language. The intention of the translation is to maintain a sense of community in public areas, so that even if you lack a mastery of the English language, you can still communicate with the players, at least on a basic level of understanding. But there are those that have no interest in melting pots, so to speak, and those individuals also deserve a voice, one way or another.

If you would like a language thread feel free to PM a GM. An overwhelming push for a thread can possibly result in its creation, that is if there is a reasonable number of players from a particular region or nationality. Inside these threads you are free from international rules, but they will remain unregulated and unmoderated. Your post count will also be disabled in those zones as they are not part of the majority or public domain. Consider them like off-topic areas whereby you can discuss in your native tongue without concern for administration penalties. Should you wish to participate in other threads like clan recruitment, public domain threads, international rules apply.

We believe this is a healthy compromise.

Thank you.