June 23rd, 2017 by Vice

Okay folks, so it is now time to update everyone on what’s new and happening here at PlayINERA. We all know that Clobberstomp is now part of the family, send him a warm welcome on the forums or catch him on his live stream via Youtube. Our staff is busy preparring the server for a September launch, we are steadily growing and the turnout is quite surprising for being 2-3 months away from the actual launch. But let’s cover some new ground.

The new TUTORIAL VIDEO has been released! That’s right, what is the blood pool? Well now you can find out by clicking the video. You can find a copy of it on the homepage or in the forum. Thank you to Origins/Kerrigan (same person, different names) for taking the footage and Sindelia for doing the voice overs. We’ve added a media and stream section to the menu, be sure to check those out as well since we’ll be welcoming new streamers from time to time. At the moment, we are waiting on datacoshrimp to release a promotion video. He will be joining us in September as a collaborator with Clobberstomp; it will be exciting.

The event engine will undergo a polishing soon, and I implore all of you testers to go through the world very carefully. It is very important that we catch the majority of bugs within the next two months so new players will not experience set backs. If you have any questions do not hesitate to find me in the forum.