November 10th, 2018 by Vice

A lot of players have been asking for an open beta, more specifically because it is unfair that certain clans or sides have been given access to the Closed Beta to explore the world and essentially gain advantages. And in reality, this is absolutely true. So we have decided to even the playing field and host a meet and greet with your future GMs. We will be giving you an opportunity to test the world of INERA, from early game to end game. Explore our systems in full and introduce yourself to the amazing staff that made INERA from the ground up.

SUN November 18th, 18:00 GMT+2 – WED November 21th 00:00 GMT+2


The first one to login to the OBT will receive 5000 icoins (50 Euro). So spam that login button.


Streamers make sure to activate your streams. Register the stream in the forum for free iCoins.


Bring your clans, your friends, we are going to be streaming the entire day on the INERA Twitch.


There will be one full instance of the Blood Royale, never before seen to the public eye. Mass PvP.


We will be testing many of our events. Come explore our interactive event engine, unique to INERA.


Olympiad will be running 24/7. If you talk a big game, come show the INERA player’s your skills.

Questions? Check our forum.

Thank you.