September 3rd, 2017 by Vice

Well it has surely taken us a while but we made it. Sometimes we become so bogged down with details that we forget to go back to the basics. We believe that Censored was a game of community and friendship, even with enemies, you cherish the memories of the PVP and the PVE done alongside friends. These are the hardships we all went through to become the very best at our class and know it inside and out.

At PlayINERA, we are different, we’re a mid-rate hybrid that caters to many play styles. Whether it be a hardcore mentality or a casual, there is a place for everyone in our community. And this was all made possible by the collective efforts of our players and administrators.

If there is any video you should watch about our server, it’s this one. Share this video with friend and family, like it, thumbs up it, and enjoy it

Welcome to PlayINERA. What can we offer you?