June 14th, 2020 by Vice

Open beta has been finally announced to be on 24JUN2020. As it is tradition here on INERA, there is a special event for beta testers.

How does it work?
The Open beta will begin at 18:00 GMT+2 on 24JUN2020. Once the gates open there will be an NPC called “The Drifter” in the middle of Giran. Using your character, speak with this NPC before he vanishes into dust. The drifter will stay for 1 hour only; he will be departing at exactly 19:00 GMT+2 so make sure to login asap and claim your reward!

What is the Reward?
All your character will start with a legendary start pack upon creation. Believe it that you will not want to miss this starter pack, so get your butt to our open beta and experience the best PvP server to ever be created. You will finally see why INERA is renowned for its innovation and standards for excellence.