June 25th, 2020 by Vice

The open beta will close on 26JUN2020 in preparation for the launch on 27JUN2020. Take the time to explore the world now and familiarize yourself with some of the features that we have created. Remember there are certain features that will impact the flow of the game:

1) Epics are PvP zones when the raidboss is spanwed.
2) PvP zones require you to carry a certain number of blood stones to enter or you will get kicked out; this includes epics and the shifting zone.
3) The shifting zone only spawns during prime times. Twice during weekdays and four times during weekends.
4) All the gear you ever need comes from Venustia and La Vie en Rose in Giran, make sure to speak with them.
5) Raids drop important loot, this includes epics and 76+ global raids. Lower level raids drop good loot too.
6) Collect blood stones, upgrade your ability tree, costumes, brooches, and equipment as you progress through.

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See you when we go live.