November 12th, 2015 by Vice

– Fixed various issues with the player packets 38 total.
– Disabled default hairstyles, the Beauty Shop will only have the GoD hairstyles. I will be removing the default faces too
– When a new hairstyle/face is purchased, it is saved so that the player will not have to buy them again
– Added a ‘Restore Appearance’ function. When a player enters the Beauty Shop for the first time, their original hair style/color and face is stored so that the players can revert to their old appearance. If a Hairstyle/Face Potion is used, the stored original appearance will be updated
– Updated BeautyShopData. Female hairstyles 100% done, male ones not fully updated
– Updated Beauty Shop HTMLs
– Fixed the headings for the custom-spawned NPCs in Giran
– Changed the Premium Account information block on the Community Board to match the new donation system
– Updated Venustia’s Giran spawn locations
– An issue where player’s iCoins were not restored upon re-logging has been fixed
– A packet issue where a player’s iCoins would not display on the Inera Store has been fixed
– Reverted the Aenkinel location swap mentioned in a previous revision as it ended up being correct in the first place
– Removed invalid quest reward options from the ‘Reed Field Maintenace’ quest