February 15th, 2017 by Vice

– Fixed for null events
– Fix for donation manager class change
– Added a var to now spawn item auction npcs if the system is not enabled
– Made all Vice’s changes to the giran custom npcs locations
– Mammons should not shout when in town zone
– Increased Orfen and Core jewels mdef to match dynasty values
– Balanced Quick Healing Potion 5sec reuse
– Adding soulshots and spiritshots bonuses for pailakas
– Adding all kind of conditions to use the teleporter and buffer
– The most important is to allow using the teleporter only in peace zones
– Added checks for events also
– Fix for blood pool items on shortcuts not updated correctly or disappearing on relog
– Switched two npcs in Giran to better suit the style
– The .buffstore command has been disabled as it’s been moved to the Control Panel
– The Control Panel has been modified to include the Buff & Offline Store features. (initial implementation – Buff Store feature not tested)
– Added a ‘Pinned Schemes’ feature to the Scheme Buffer. Players may now pin up to four schemes to the buffer’s index page.
– Added post-purchase message: ‘You have earned X, Y’
– A new item has been added: Elemental Box. This box contains a random Attribute Stone and has a chance of containing a random Attribute Crystal and Attribute Crystal Design
– Introducing the Inera Coupon system. GMs can generate unique serial codes with items tied to them which can be distributed to players.
– Only What Remains: as per PTS files, all monsters inside the Stakato Nest drop Dirty Beads.
– An issue where the ‘Only What Remains’ quest’s name was missing from Kintaijin’s quest list has been fixed