May 3rd, 2020 by Vice

– Addition of Blood stone check for Shifting zones.
– Fixed Clan Hall Manager ‘Aida’ height, now her name will display correctly.
– Addition of Shifting Raid bosses, they will spawn when a zone turns into PvP at random.
– Fix Multiplier stat on Costumes.
– Removed Key mats, clan eggs, Buff slot book from Raid bosses, they will drop only full gear/scrolls.
– Removed B.soe drop from Grand bosses.
– Fix for Costume augment not removed properly.
– The Noblesse, Subclass and Clan Level Upgrade services are now available on INERA Hub Services tab.
– An issue where Lv. 5 jewels could be used in Compounding has been fixed.
– Changed level of monsters on Fog, Imperial Tomb & Stakato nest to 85 level.
– Finalized Refined Epic jewels.
– Added support for Ability tree skills ‘Enlightened’ & ‘Rabid’.
– Fix for Shifting rankings.
– Initial support for Blood Beacon.