May 16th, 2020 by Vice

– Final fix for Blood Beacon.
– Removed Shard drops from IoP.
– Fix for Ability tree skills not saved properly during relog.
– Fix for Costume stats, now they will properly cap.
– Fix Corpse bust issues.
– Adjusted Blood stone, Blood Beacon, Fame box as per description.
– Opened all doors in Pagans.
– Implemented Fame Box.
– Multiplied Shifting Raid bosses stats x2.
– Bug Report delay to 30 seconds for BETA.
– All zones will drop 50% less Blood stones expect FoG & IT.
– Refined Earring of Orfen: Speed bonus decreased from 30 to 15
– Refined Ring of Core: Speed bonus decreased from 30 to 15, accuracy bonus decreased from 30 to 3
– From now on, the Scheme Buffer may only be used when out of combat, not participating in the Grand Olympiad games and/or an event
– Now, all Brooch Jewels are tradable/droppable.
– Fix for FoG Lavasaurus AI.
– Fix for Blood Beacon, now can be used only on hunting grounds.
– Fix for ‘Thrill Fight’ enchant routes.
– Fix for ‘Touch of Death’ maxCP penalty.
– Removed ‘Rooney’ from spawn.
– Addition of Aden’s Banner & Rune’s Banner that are bounded to Aden and Rune Territory flag bonus +3 to all Stats(STR,DEX,CON,INT,WIT,MEN)
– Players will be correctly healed after an Olympiad game while they have Ability skills.
– All Epics will be 85 Level areas.
– Removed D to A grade equip from droplist (trash gear)
– Removed Level limit from Queen Ant.
– Removed Zone restrictions on Queen Ant, now players can attack from outside perimeter too.
– New stats for all grandbosses to match Bloodlust.
– Antharas & Valakas wake time will be 1 min instead of 30 for beta testing.
– Zaken removed instanced one.
– Implemented a Bloodlust version of Zaken, Doors will open when it’s spawned and close 5 minutes after death.
– Fix for Zaken door.
– Added Zaken Epic PvP zone.
– The following abilities have had their bonuses reduced:

Arcane Immunity
Battle Aura
Blade Resistance
Body Guard
Dagger Resistance
Edge Resistance
Elemental Armor
Elemental Synergy
Firm Grip
Health Boost
Magical Affinity
Magical Defiance
Master of Elements
Material Banner
Mental Perseverance
Morale Boost
Natural Will
Perfect Stance
Physical Agility
Positive Alignment
Positive Disposition
Resistance Aura
Seeing Red
Signet of Life
Signet of Nature
Signet of Spirit
Spike Resistance
Spirit Barrier
Storm Breaker
Supernatural Banner
Ultimate Elemental Armor
Vital Boost