June 4th, 2020 by Vice

-Fix for Venustia’s blessing remaining time.
-Removed all Dawn/Dusk npcs.
-Disabled INERA Boxes.
-Blood stone boost, 50% for IT | 30% boost for FoG.
-Enchant unique announcement only for S grade and above.
– An issue where when a Ruby or Sapphire was equipped, its skill would be added to the Skill List has been fixed.
– From now on, when the INERA Hub Teleporter is used while outside of a peace zone, the character will cast a 20 second ‘Teleport’ skill prior to teleporting. The skill cast can be interrupted by incoming attacks and may be cancelled by the player if they so wish.
– Addition of the Milestone Rewards system. Goals and rewards are subject to changes.
– From now on, when a Shifting Zone is active, opening the Map window will display an overlay over the current Shifting Zone.
– An issue where Venustia’s UI would be displayed even when interacting with Venustia from a distance has been fixed.
– Zaken will teleport back to spawn while reaching the bridge.
– Fix for Scheme buffer not showing dance/songs tab.
– Fix for ‘Slay 1,000 Monsters’, now it will only work on monsters and with a level protection difference.
– Fix for Event and Olympiad Participate/Win, now they will calculated correctly on each match.