June 14th, 2020 by Vice

-Changed Barakiel to 85 level.
-Changed bonuses for Aden’s Banner & Rune’s Banner from +3 to +1.
-Fix for Daily Shifting issue.
-World Chat is available 5 per day for premium, otherwise World chat tokens needed (obtained from dailies)
-Queen Ant, Core, Orfen, Zaken, Baium, Antharas, Valakas, Frintezza & Barakiel will notify players 1 hour before spawn with an announcement and zones around those bosses will also turn into a PvP perimeter as they are grand bosses.

Grand Bosses
Queen Ant: Mon/Wed/Fri at 17:00.
Core: Mon/Wed/Fri at 18:00.
Orfen: Mon/Wed/Fri at 19:00.
Baium: Friday at 20:00.
Antharas: Saturday at 21:00.
Valakas: Sunday at 21:00.
Frintezza: Tue/Thu at 20:00.
Zaken is now a world boss.
Zaken spawns Tue/Thur at 18:00.
All epics are now lvl 85.
All epics are now PvP zones.
Barakiel every day at 16:00.
Barakiel is now a PvP zone.