February 24th, 2017 by Vice

– Adding Venustia on the dynamic spawns. Only in giran
– Delete all the spawns of venustia ingame, it will spawn by itself later
– Fix for BloodPool buffs/skills not being rewarded again when changing subclasses
– Fix for Reputation Manager multisells
– Reworked a number of quests for balance will be modified later for final balance
– Support for entering catacombs without registering or winning
– Moving avant-garde where is the dimensional merchant
– Fix for subclass donation service
– Delete the char pomanders if he changes the class that gave him pomanders before
– Removing holy pomanders from the donation service, as they are given in the main function already
– HOTFIX the Scheme Buffer will no longer malfunction if the player does not have any schemes
– Added a config to autolearn Divine Inspiration. It is disabled by default
– An issue where the ‘Success/Failure of Business’ quests’ name was missing from the server has been fixed
– Some improvements for the buffer code and added the 5 pinned limit
– Venustia has been redesigned from the ground up.
– The Dimensional Merchant’s dialogue has been replaced with the retail one which allows for transferring Dimensional Items between characters of the same account
– Removed debug messages from the ‘Restore Appearance’ function
– The plain on-screen messages that appear whenever the Blood Pool Stage increases/decreases have been replaced with a graphic