June 26th, 2020 by Vice

– Open Beta event adjustments
– Addition of No Weight system for spirit ore, soul ore, mana potion, Arrows, Bolts, Einhasad’s Holy Water, Bottle souls, Vesper noble stone.
– Addition of Dynamic enchant chances, (+1 to +6: 60% / +7 to +10 50% / +10 to +15 40% / +16 30%.)
– Removed Cruma’s level limit entrance requirement.
– Disabled Sailren and removed quest item from Venustia.
– Brooches/Jewels can now be sold/traded etc.
– Combine Talisman Orb can now be sold, traded etc.
-New Event Blessing, EXP/SP +50%, Blood stones & adena drop +25%.
– Fix for Tutorial zone, Also now players cannot attack each another.
– Barakiel Epic PvP zone will no longer require blood carry price.
– Fixed Droplist UI -> Special -> Blood stones now it will display the correct value.
– From now on iHub Teleportation will be available while flagged.
– Fix for Peace zone teleport effect.
– Increased Blood Beacon range x2.