July 1st, 2020 by Sindelia

– The penalty for withdrawing from a clan has been reduced to 1 hour
– The announcement for the activation of Epic PvP zones will include the exact time until activation
– The Adena and Blood Stone cost of buffs available on the Scheme Buffer has been reduced by 40%
– Addition of a new teleport location on the Teleporter: ‘Epic PvP: Queen Ant’. This will teleport players inside the Ant’s Nest
– The percentage of Blood Stones stolen via the Blood Price system has been increased

Event System
– Addition of the automated event system. Use /time to view the server’s time:
– Berserker: every day at 18:00 & 00:00 | Winner Reward: 10,000 Blood Stones | Consolation Reward: 2,000 Blood Stones | Participation Reward: Event Blessing
– Team vs Team: every day at 20:00 | Winner Reward: 8,000 Blood Stones | Consolation Reward: 1,000 Blood Stones | Participation  Reward: Event Blessing
– Last Man Standing: every day at 22:00 | Winner Reward: 10,000 Blood Stones | Consolation  Reward: 2,000 Blood Stones | Participation Reward: Event Blessing

Shifting & Epic PvP Zones
– The minimum amount of Blood Stones carried to enter a Shifting/Epic PvP Zone has been increased from 2,000 to 10,000
– The spawn chance of an Enraged monsters has been increased
– From now on, on weekdays, there will be four Shifting Zone cycles

– The Blood Stone drop amount for all Epic Bosses has been increased
– An issue where Flame of Splendor Barakiel would not respawn unless the server was restarted has been fixed
– Addition of the Sin Absolver Katarina in Giran Castle Town. She offers PK/Karma reduction as well as Talisman Combination services
– From now on, Orfen will not teleport players attacking from afar
– An issue where Flamestone Giant would occasionally be unable to attack has been fixed

– From now on, Mana Potions will be able to be used while in a chaotic state
– The effectiveness of Mana Potions has been increased to 1,500 MP every 15 sec. while out of combat and 1,000 MP every 15 sec. while in combat
– From now on, Soul Breaking Arrows will not be removed upon challenging Frintezza
– Angel’s Halo & Demon’s Circlet are now exchangeable

– An issue where the Farmer’s Potion bonus and the Vote Blessing would not stack has been fixed
– An issue where Turn Undead would be ineffective against monsters in the Imperial Tomb due to the level difference has been fixed