July 11th, 2020 by Sindelia

Please note that the list of changes is not exhaustive. Minor details will be added until the server is relaunched.

– The Vitality System has been re-implemented
– All rewards given by the Daily Milestones system have been revised. Now, newly characters will be able to speed through the levels with ease
– From now on, the Grand Olympiad Games will commence every day at 22:00 server time and last for five hours. (NOTE: Soon, the Grand Olympiad Games will run twice a day so that North American players can join in the fun too!)
– An issue where the Scheme Buffer’s buff/dance limit would not take into account the character’s available buffslots has been fixed

– An issue where the Divine Provision ability would not work has been fixed
– An issue where the effectiveness of Cleanse was impacted by Divine/Unholy Provision has been fixed

Venustia’s Store
– The ‘Item Upgrade’ function will only apply to masterwork equipment
– All sealed armors has been replaced with unsealed ones
– Addition of S/S80/S84 grade weapons with Special Abilities
– Jewelry is now offered for a lower price
– More exchange options have been added to the ‘AA Exchange’ store

– The spawn timer for Antharas & Valakas following a player entering their lairs has been reduced to 15 minutes
– Antharas & Valakas have had their AI adjusted so that they are easier to slay
– The amount of Blood Stones dropped by monsters within the Imperial Tomb has been adjusted to match that of Forge of the Gods

– Addition of the ‘Raid Bosses’ tab on the INERA Hub
– The maximum number for item exchange via the multisell UI has been increased