July 18th, 2020 by Sindelia

– Addition of a new Shifting Zone: Hellbound (Battered Lands)
– The Training Zone has been adjusted so that players get to level 80 quickly and hassle-free. Upon completion of the tutorial, players will be given a full Dynasty set
– All Daily Milestone rewards have been revised to be more rewarding
– From now on, buffs available via the INERA Hub Buffer will be free up for characters below level 85

– Addition of all costumes under the ‘Fashion’ category

– The chance of obtaining a Brooch and Brooch Jewels from a Loot Crate has been increased
– Addition of the ‘Vote Reward Chest’ obtainable via the Vote Reward System
– Addition of the ‘Premium Crate’ (Daily Use) available only to Premium Account subscribers. Much like the Wondrous Cubic, this item will generate a random useful item every day
– Addition of the ‘Shifting Zone Entrance Stone – 48 Hour Expiration’. It allows the bearer to enter an Epic PvP or Shifting Zone without having to carry the minimum amount of Blood Stones necessary
– An issue where temporal costumes could be augmented has been fixed

– Addition of a new version of Celtus monster within the Hellbound. Its stats are greatly increased compared to the original version

– Effects that provide an increased Blood Stone drop bonus will NOT apply while in Hellbound and within the range of a Blood Beacon
– An issue where self-target skills could not be used within the Training Zone has been fixed

– An issue where on-screen messages would occasionally contain incorrect data has been fixed
– The INERA Hub Gatekeeper has been adjusted so that when a Shifting Zone is active it is reflected within the UI
– From now on, the tutorial will not wait until the on-screen dialogue has finished prior to processing a player’s action