March 12th, 2017 by Vice

– The amount of teleports allowed within the Chamber of Delusion has been increased to 4
– Changes made to the Superior Herb of Mana have been reverted back to retail-like behaviour
– Einhasad’s Orb has been removed due to the introduction of Mana Potions
– Mana Potions will now restore 1500 MP with a reuse of 15 seconds
– An issue where Grave Robber Warriors which are part of the Graver Robber Rescue would not respawn has been fixed
– An issue where there were two Zero Hour quests has been fixed
– The Dimensional Merchant has been removed from the Giran Temple
– All Item Broker NPCs have been removed
– An announcement will now be made whenever the Legendary Blacksmith Shadai appears in the world
– The Blacksmith of Power Lahm will now randomly spawn in either Parnassus, Chromatic Highlands or the Island of Prayer. In addition, an announcement will be made whenever he relocates
– An issue where the Blessed Focus buff would disappear when leaving the Crypts of Disgrace zone has been fixed
– Fixed dimensional merchant in Giran, location was stacked with Avante Garde.
– Removed Einhasad’s Orb from the blood pool and its existence overall.
– Changed mana potion to 1500 mp over 15 seconds.
– Changed the rrs so it updates less frequently and it will load on server start the first time.
– Improving index page, as it was getting info from the db that is not used and caused lag probably.
– Fix for item brokers that we not removed, separate ids.
– Dont show herbs in shift click. Also dont show empty groups.
– Removing Venustia spawns.
– Dont remove the Crypts of Disgrace Blessed Focus when leaving the zone.
– Fix for npcs on quest 450 not respawning.
– Increased the ammount of jumps in delusion chamber
– Adding % chance to spawn lavasaurus on forge of the gods mobs. They should not spawn 100% lavasaurus, I set 20%, but in retail each mob has their own % depending on lvls or something like that.
– Fix for Zero Hour quest. Seems that there are 2 quests, and one is not used anymore. Or it seems that they changed the ID but after epilogue.
– Fixed TOI minion spawns to monsters, all floors fixed.
– Mithril Mines mdef fixed for mobs that were not consistent.
– Fixed GetaPet quest, added hints to help you answer the questions.
– Quest Rate: Status of the beacon tower exp and adena increased.
– Quest Rate: Pailakas added shots to help progress through as a gift, experience boosted.
– Quest Rate: Winds of Change exp and adena.
– Quest Rate: Success of Business exp and adena.
– Quest Rate: Won’t you join us exp and adena.
– Quest Rate: Expulsion of evil spirits will now give 190% chance to acquire amulets.
– Quest Rate: Take advantage of the crisis, now give 150% chance to acquire minerals.
– Quest Rate: Grave robber member rescue, exp and adena.
– Quest Rate: Luciens Altar, exp adena
– Quest Rate: A powerful primeval creature, 45% chance to get tissues. Fixed the mobs that were not supposed to give them.
– Quest Rate: Rise and fall of elroki tribe, 75% chance to get bones.
– Announce Shadai spawn.
– Now a clone of Lahm, the blacksmith of power, will spawn randomly each x hours in locations near Parnassus. You will get a announcement when it happens.
– Reverted our changes on superior herbs, left them retail