April 5th, 2017 by Vice

– Fixing mana potion values from 1500 to 100 x 15
– Disabled 255 Recommend donation
– Moved Class Transfer, Subclass and Noblesse donations to their own categories
– Now the donation list can have a custom order.
– If the player disconnects when he is inside the Beauty Shop, he will kicked out of it, to avoid exploits or problems.
– Block heals on targets that already have the effect. This is to avoid the exploit of spamming COV to heal for example, should heal only the first time.
– Added title to the Database system in the community board.
– Decreased respawn delay of Bizarre Cocoons from 3 hours to 1 hour.
– Blood Pool should only have 10 stages total, initiated this change.
– Fix for npcs on quest 450 not respawning again.
– Now the Museum instance will be permanent, so all players will enter to one single instance. This should solve problems entering the museum
– Removed all Treasure Chests lvl 84 spawns.
– Adjusting delusion html and number of jumps.
– Commiting changes for Blood Pool
– Changed all stages rewards
– Created the new skills and buffs for each stage
– Added support for changing field cycles like hellbound through the rewards
– Added support for all the new stats that we need for the new rewards
– Reducing some instances min players to 9.
– Added all the bonuses and functions to the premium pack
– Removed the first 2, now we have only 1 pack
– Added support for all the functions that we were missing, also the bonuses
– Fixed an error that didnt allowed to purchase a premium pack
– Some extra fixes added.
– Implementing antibot on the core
– Interface changes, files count: 679
– Fixed the font colour of the World Chat from white to red