April 24th, 2017 by Sindelia

– An issue where players would get trapped inside of a cinematic scene after it had ended has been fixed.
– As a preemptive measure against exploits, stricter checks have been implemented for targeting and interaction distances between characters/NPCs.
– The chance of proceeding to the upper level of the Tower of Infinitum has been increased.
– An issue where the RSS Feed from the main website would not load upon server startup has been fixed.
– The default Censored tutorial has been disabled for newly created characters.
– The ‘You carefully nock an arrow’ system message has been disabled.
– All non-Epilogue system messages have been removed.
– An issue where a non-existent system message would be called upon reuse of items such as the Wondrous Cubic has been fixed.
– From now on, players will receive an INERA Box with supplies for reaching  the following level milestones: 20, 40, 52, 61, 76, 80+.

Community Board
– The ‘Events’ tab has been redesigned.
– Initial implementation of the ‘Clan’ tab.

Event Engine
– All event-specific messages have been revised.

Beauty Shop
– All male hairstyles have now been added.
– An on-screen warning has been added for hairstyles that are not animated.

Hall of Fame Museum
– An issue where duplicates of the same statue would spawn has been fixed.

Ranking System
– An issue where the monthly ranking would not reset or would reset on the wrong days has been fixed. It will now every first of the month at 06:00.

– The 3 vs 3 classed/class-irrelevant games have been disabled.

– Blood Stones are no longer exchangeable.
– Addition of the following items: INERA Reputation Box, INERA Blue/Green/Yellow/Red/White/Black Box. The colour-coded boxes contain basic supplies for their respective Grade.

– Added missing spawn location for the Holy Grail NPC.
– The level-difference penalty for ‘deep-blue’ monsters no longer applies when using ‘Sweep’. (This also applies to monsters that drop Knight’s Epaulettes)
– An issue where the heading of NPCs was not being correctly calculated resulting in them facing the wrong way has been fixed.
– The Clan menu for all Village Masters has been partially replaced with the official dialogues.
– From now on, all Raid Bosses will drop an ‘INERA Reputation Box’.

More than Meets the Eye: the drop count for all quest items has been increased.
Seekers of the Holy Grail: the Adena reward as well as the drop chance of Pagan Totems have been increased.
– Alliance with the Ketra Orcs/Varka Silenos: the drop count of the Ketra/Varka Badges has been increased.