May 2nd, 2017 by Sindelia

– An issue where the item drop rates were not calculated correctly has been fixed.
– An issue where permanent instances such as the Beauty Shop and the Hall of Fame Museum would mark players as ‘visitors’ and preventing them from entering other instances has been fixed.
– From now on, newly created characters will be greeted with a welcome pop-up upon entering the game.
– Initial implementation of the .help command.

Blood Pool
– From now on, the Blood Pool will start at Stage 0.

– A persistent issue that lead to Baium’s spawn heading being incorrect has been fixed. In addition, Baium will now un-spawn after 30 minutes of not being attacked.
– An issue where monsters belonging to a clan (monster group) would take too long to respond or would not respond at all to one of their group-mates being attacked has been fixed. This also applies to Raid Boss minions.
– An issue where Raid Bosses would drop multiple Reputation Boxes has been fixed. In addition, instanced Raid Bosses will no longer drop Reputation Boxes.
– The amount of Treasure Chests in the entrance of the Imperial Tomb has been significantly decreased.
– The spawn locations of monsters located in the Chromatic Highlands have been adjusted to match the retail ones.
– Removed Lucky Pig NPCs from the Chromatic Highlands and the Isle of Prayer.
– An issue where some Raid Bosses would be stuck in Geodata has been fixed.
– An issue where Rignos was missing a dialogue due to a typo has been fixed.
– An issue where Gatekeep Flauren was missing the names of two teleport locations has been fixed.

– The rewards for the Seven Signs quest series have been increased to be consistent with the server’s rates.