May 13th, 2017 by Sindelia

– The Tutorial Guide item will no longer be given to newly created characters.
– The Bot Report system has been enabled (Alt + C).
– An issue where the INERA class change tutorial would not trigger when leveling up has been fixed.
– An exploit allowing players to receive multiple Holy Pomanders in turn enabling them to learn all Skill Transfer skills has been fixed.
– From now on, the World Chat will be displayed as a regular chat message instead of as system message.
– An issue where the ‘Name’ button on the pet interface would disappear after being re-summoned has been fixed.
– The status of the Seeds of Destruction and Infinity is now properly linked to the Blood Pool.

Beauty Shop
– An issue where the Blood Pool UI would not re-appear after exiting the Beauty Shop has been fixed.
– From now on, entering the Beauty Shop no longer requires a minimum amount of Adena and iCoin.
– The Beauty Shop has been completely revamped. A more usable interface is introduced resembling the retail one. This also solves the issue where players could close all NPC dialogue windows and get trapped inside the Beauty Shop.
– From now on, any equipped accessories will no longer be visible when inside the Beauty Shop.

‘Blood Price’ System
– Initial implementation of the Blood Price system. In brief, this means that players may steal another player’s Blood Stones by killing them. A PvP kill grants a player 2% of their opponent’s Blood Stones, whereas a PK kill grants 4% and all other consecutive PK kills grant 8%. To prevent harassment, a player will not receive any Blood Stones by killing the same target for 12 hours.

Community Board
– The Gatekeeper has been redesigned.
– The Service Station has been slightly redesigned.
– From now on, players may use up to 16 characters when renaming their pet via the Service Station.

Control Panel
– The ‘Premium Mark’ option has been removed.
– Addition of an ‘XP Freeze’ option which allows players to toggle the ability to receive Experience Points.
– Amended command list on the Control Panel.

– From now on, Reputation Boxes can only be opened by leaders of a clan of level 5 and above.
– Reputation Box, Ancient Tome of the Demon. These items have been adjusted as follows: when 10 or more of these items are in possession, players will be prompted whether they would like to open all instances of these items instead of opening them one by one.
– The contents of all INERA Boxes have been revised and will also include an additional Supply Box containing materials.

– The amount of Green & Yellow Seeds of Evil dropped by Sonneratia & Muddy Coral monsters has been increased to 2.
– An issue where the Sin Eater pet could not be leveled past level 85 has been fixed.
– A persistent issue where Baium would remain awake when he was not supposed to has been fixed.
– An issue where multiple Treasure Chests were spawned at the same location has been fixed.
– An issue were the Cat’s Eye Bandit Raid Boss was missing and animation and would behave oddly has been fixed.
– An issue where the following Raid Bosses were missing has been fixed: Carnamakos, Gigantic Chaos Golem, Captain of the Ice Queen’s Royal Guard, Ice Fairy Sirra.
– An issue where the Demon Kurikups Raid Boss was missing its minions has been fixed.
– An issue where the Yehan Klodekus/Klanikus Raid Bosses in the Hall of Suffering would get stuck due to a missing skill has been fixed.

‘Report a Bug’ System
– Players are now able to provide a title for their reports. In addition, all reports will have a forum thread automatically created so they can be easily tracked by players. The ‘Report a Bug’ system is accessible through the homepage of the Community Board.