May 23rd, 2017 by Sindelia

– An issue where the INERA Store would not work has been fixed.
– An issue where the Kratei’s Cube instance would throw an error and result in players not getting any points has been fixed.
– An issue where players could not progress through the other floors in the Tower of Infinitum has been fixed.
– The non-Epilogue entry prerequisites that were in place for Demon Prince’s Hideout and Ranku’s Lair have been removed.
– From now on, when submitting a Bug Report through the ‘Report a Bug’ system, a 30 minute delay will be in place before each consecutive use.
– From now on, NPC names will be handled by the client. This solves the issue where some NPCs whose name was too long would be trimmed.
– An issue where skills like Warp & Blink would not work properly due to a mistake in the formula responsible for movement skills has been fixed.
– Sieges & Territory Wars are now weekly.

– An issue where Raid Bosses would drop multiple Clan Reputation boxes has been fixed.
– From now on, Mana Potions have a static regeneration amount of 1,500 MP.

– From now on, the Grand Olympiad Games will run twice per month (every 1st & 15th of the month).
– An issue where players would die instead of just losing all of their HP in the Olympiad has been fixed.
– An issue where if one of the participants disconnected during a match, both participants would lose points has been fixed.
– The missing conditions & requirement checks for the registration function have been added.
– An issue where the Olympiad would not enter the validation period automatically has been fixed.
– An issue where the validation period would take longer than it should has been fixed.
– An issue where after a match concluded all attacks would not be blocked has been fixed.

– The quest item drop rate for the ‘Ghosts of Batur’ quest has been increased to 80%.