June 7th, 2017 by Sindelia

– A significant amount of remnants of the default Censored tutorial has been removed.
– From now on, newly created characters will automatically receive Novice Soulshots & Spiritshots.
– When speaking to an NPC that is tied to the default Censored tutorial, the INERA Guide window will pop up informing players of the old tutorial’s obsolescence.
– From now on, Poison and Bleed effects will trigger the on-screen damage UI to display the amount of HP decreased.

– An issue where players were unable to interact with the Merchant & Blacksmith of Mammon has been fixed.
– An issue where the names of the Crest of Dawn & Dusk NPCs (above the Catacomb & Necropolis entrances) would not be hidden has been fixed.
– An issue where fortress guards would not drop Knight’s Epaulettes when killed by a high-level character has been fixed.
– All invalid Antharas-related rewards, dialogues and messages have been corrected.

– The ‘An Arrogant Search’ quest has been re-written to match retail.
– An exploit where players could obtain unlimited White Fabrics without re-doing the Baium quests has been fixed.

Changes to Grand Boss Re-spawn Times & Entry Requirements
– Queen Ant: 36h +-2h
– Core: 36h +-2h
– Orfen: 36h +-2h
– Baium: 120h (5 days) +-3h
– Antharas: 168h (7 days) +-3h
– Valakas: 192h (8 days) +-3h
– Frintezza: 48h +-3h (Requirements: 4 parties, at least 8 players)

Changes to Instance Re-entry Times & Requirements
– Seed of Destruction: 6 days at 06:30 (Requirements: 14 min. & 35 max. players, Lv. 75+), (Time Limit: 2h)
– Seed of Infinity (Ekimus): 24h at 06:30 (Requirements: 14 min. & 27 max. players, Lv. 75+), (Time Limit: 1h)
– Zaken (Daydream): 40h (Requirements: 9 min. & max. players, Lv. 55-65), (Time Limit: 1h)
– Zaken (Nightmare): 87h (Requirements: 9 min & 45 max. players, Lv. 55-65), (Time Limit: 6h)
– Tully’s Workshop (Darion & Tully): 24h +-1h
– Tower of Naia (Beleth): 5 days