November 26th, 2015 by Vice

– Admin Petition window: Added a textbox and a ‘Reject with message’ button which will allow us to reject petitions accompanied by a message that we have composed (like on retail!)
– From now on, if a Russian language string is missing, the English one will be sent instead
– An issue where the Beauty Shop system would not properly store default hair/face info has been fixed
– The Service Board has been modified. Now, when purchasing a service, a dialogue asking you to confirm your purchase will be displayed.
– All herbs except for the Herb of Vitality and (Greater/Superior) Herb of Life have been removed as they are useless. (Excludes Superior Herbs of Mana which are handled separately)
– The petition system has been improved. When petition consultation has ended, players will be able to provide us with feedback on our service
– Decreased the duration of the static ‘Beauty Shop’ on screen message to 10 minutes as it caused trouble with other on screen messages making them stay permanently on the screen.
– An issue where female characters could not be created has been fixed
– An issue where one could get a new hairstyle/face from the Beauty Shop without paying has been fixed.
– Added premium system to a new tab
– Fixed current bug report list from alpha testers (585 additions, 285 deletions)