July 7th, 2017 by Vice

– Skill enchantment routes have been fixed.
– Seven Signs will always be on active period, and never change, so there will be no winners ever, and preachers wont spawn, everything should be opened.
– From now on, Mana Potions can be used during PvP, battle zones and sieges, but they are only 50% as effective.

– Added books for Judicator class and revised Venustia’s Corrupt Library.
– The reuse time on purchasing items from Clan Halls has been implemented accordingly.
– Removed wrong Raid Minion from Last Lesser Giant Olkuth Raid Boss.
– Fixed Platinum Tribe Shaman should be Monster not Minion (causing mob not to spawn).
– Removed Wrong NPC Skill ‘Stun’ from Chimera Piece & Changed Creation.
– Venustia’s library has been revised, grocery updated with many new items.
– Weapons, Groceries, Armors and Jewels sold by Venustia have all been repriced. B-Grade equipment now has Blood Stone cost.
– Common B-Grade has replaced the No-Grade equipment in Venustia’s arsenal of goods.
– The locations of NPCs Penelope, Ponti & Capella in Cruma’s 1st Floor have been adjusted to match retail.

– Fixed Baium Quest, the first White Fabric can turn to Blooded Fabric by Attacking The Platinum & Shaman (Tower of Insolence Floor 7).
– The quest item drop rate for the Seekers of the Holy Grail quest have been adjusted to match the server’s rates.
– An issue where players were not able to progress in the Seekers of the Holy Grail quest after completing the Grail step has been fixed.
– All dialogues in the Seekers of the Holy Grail quest have been replaced with retail ones.
– The Baium Quest has been adjusted so that obtaining Blooded Fabric by slaying monsters should take about 20-25 minutes.

– An issue where characters would not attack automatically after using the Stunning Shot skill has been fixed.
– An issue where the Anti Magic Armor skill was missing its ‘active’ animation has been fixed.
– Fixed single-target summon skills that could be used against the Master.
– Fixed Bluff -> Mental Shield buff should influence only Bluff not the Stun/remove target effect.
– The re-use time of Insane Crusher has been adjusted to match Gracia Epilogue (45 sec).
– Fixed Ancient Tome of the Demon issue causing the Tome not disappearing.