December 29th, 2015 by Vice

– Added full support for hall of fame system (608 additions, 108 deletions)
– Added Control Panel on the community board. Some options are still missing
– Added offline buffer system
– The Control Panel core side has been heavily edited (needs a bit cleaning up)
– Transfered the ‘Buy’ window of the Beauty Shop to a Tutorial window so player’s can’t close it
– .offline command disabled
– Initial implementation of the Inera Tutorial system. This system will display useful tips to enhance the user’s experience. (
– Added the following commands: .date/.time, .lock, .buffstore
– Players no longer need to use the ‘.offline’ command to start an offline store. When exiting the game while in private store mode will automatically trigger the offline store mode.
– The community board’s homepage has been finalized.
– The Control Panel has been redesigned and simplified.
– The Report System has been redesigned.
– The Service Station has been redesigned.
– The Rankings tab on the community board has been redesigned.
– Addition of the Raid Boss Database tab.
– Addition of the Premium tab.
– An issue where players were able to close the main window of the Beauty Shop and as a result get trapped has been fixed
– Removed an invalid link from Captain Mathias’ dialogue
– The Beauty Shop NPC has been changed to a more appropriate one
– An extra confirmation dialogue has been added to the ‘Restore Appearance’ function of the Beauty Shop
– The design of the Buffstore feature have been finalised (
– The chat symbol for the World Chat channel has been changed to “=”
– Added a ‘.help’ command that will display a list of FAQ about the server’s setup & features
– The Global Gatekeeper on the Community Board will now prompt players for confirmation prior to teleportation
– Added support for Blood Stone payments on the Scheme Buffer. Some buffs may cost Blood Stones. To prevent any mishaps, when using a scheme that contains a buff or buying an individual buff that costs Blood Stones, a confirmation dialogue will be displayed
– An issue where the Class Transfer service on the Service Station would cause the client to crash when there no more class transfers available has been fixed
– An issue where the incorrect enchantment routes for enchanted buffs would be displayed on Buffstores has been fixed
– The old Quest/Tutorial/Mail notification icons have been changed
– An issue where the World Chat window would overlap with the System Message window has been fixed
– The Inera Store button’s appearance has been changed