August 18th, 2017 by Sindelia

– An issue where pet/servitor hits would not register with the On-Screen Damage feature is enabled has been fixed.
– Exploits associated with all Pailaka instances/quests have been fixed.
– From now on, players as well as their pets/servitors can attack NPCs inside peace zones.
– An issue where Doom Cryers could not restore their MP by hitting NPCs inside a peace zone has been fixed.
– An issue where offline buffstores would not be restored after a server restart has been fixed.
– A distance check has been added for NPC<->Player transactions to avoid exploits.
– The Hall of Fame will no longer reward players with the ‘Burning Desire’ (previously ‘Eternal Flame’).
– An issue where the Pet interface would not appear when in combat has been fixed.

Event Engine
– An issue where players were occasionally not able to use magic skills during a PvP Event has been fixed.
– From now on, players will no longer be able to attack each other during events that do not involve combat.
– From now on, players will be teleported to the event zone 10 seconds after the registration phase has ended instead of being instantly teleported. (this applies to GM-run events)
Mario Kart: new transformations have been introduced (Steam Sledge, Jet Ride).
– Chancho: more NPCs have been added – the delay between rounds has been reduced.
– Zombie: an issue where the zombie transformation would not be applied has been fixed – an issue where players were occasionally unable to attack has been fixed.

Community Board
Raid Bosses tab: all Grandbosses have been removed – respawn time has been removed – an issue where after a server restart dead Raid Bosses would show up as being alive has been fixed.
– Database tab: Raidbosses & Grandbosses have been added.

– Addition of the ‘Hall of Fame Crate’ which will be rewarded by the Hall of Fame.

– All ‘Lesser’ monsters within the Giants’ Cave have had their stats adjusted to match retail.
– An issue where monsters & pets/servitors could not walk move/attack underwater has been fixed.
– Numerous Raid Bosses have had their spawn location changed to match retail.
– ‘Native’ NPCs have been removed from the Hellbound since the area is influenced by the Blood Pool.

– The quest item drop rate for the ‘Seductive Whispers’ quest has been adjusted to 40%