August 25th, 2017 by Sindelia

– An issue where the Buy/Sell/Refund list would be empty after an item had been sold has been fixed.
– An issue where Judicators were unable to learn the Protection of Rune/Elemental/Alignment Forgotten Scrolls has been fixed.
– Scheme Buffer: the Song of Champion has been replaced with the Song of Meditation in the mage class quick-buff scheme.
– The Clan tab on the Community Board has been redesigned.
– An issue where the Judicator class was missing an image from the Service Station has been fixed
– An issue where players were not able to attack members of the same party has been fixed.
– An issue where after cancelling or changing a subclass would cause a copy of the character to be displayed in the character selection screen has been fixed.
– Initial implementation of the new Voting System. (NOTE: This requires further support both server and client side both of which will be added on the next server & client update).

– An issue where Raid Bosses were able to receive buffs from other monsters has been fixed.
– The monster groups at the Tower of Insolence have been adjusted to match retail.
– An issue where numerous Treasure Chests were out of reach has been fixed.
– From now on archer and mage type monsters will kite every 10 seconds.

– An issue where the Bison Spirit Totem skill would not be overwritten by other Totem skills has been fixed.
– A new skill named ‘Festive Sweeper’ skill has been added for the Bounty Hunter class.
– An issue where DOT (Damage Over Time) effects would be removed when a player’s/NPC’s HP would reach 0 has been fixed.
– Throne Root: the skill’s values have been adjusted to match retail, in addition the missing ‘poison’ effect has been added.
– Multiple issue associated with the Battle Roar skills have been fixed.
– An issue causing a slight delay between the consecutive use of magic skills has been fixed.
– An issue where toggle skills would occasionally not consume any MP has been fixed.
– An issue where the Rush Impact and Storm Assault skills would not rush the player in front of the enemy has been fixed.
– The following skills have been adjusted to match retail: Vengeance, NPC Hate.
– The cooldown timers for skills used by fortess guards have been adjusted to match retail.

– The stats of Vesper Noble armour sets have been adjusted to match retail.

– The quest item drop chance for the ‘Let’s Get Fishing Shots’ quest has been increased to 80%.