September 11th, 2017 by Sindelia

– New skill rewards added to the Blood Pool (will become available with the next client update).
– An issue where pets could use items without any cool-down has been fixed.
– From now on, the INERA Store has been set to its ‘LIVE’ state, featuring only cosmetic items.
– The amount of Blood Stones required to purchase Quest Items from Venustia has been decreased.
– An issue where Castle Gatekeepers would not teleport all players inside the Teleportation Room has been fixed.

Community Board
– An issue where the Scheme Buffer would return players to the initial screen after purchasing a buff with a Blood Stone cost has been fixed.
– An issue where dead characters could purchase buffs from the Scheme Buffer has been fixed.
– The Character Panel has been revamped (not fully done yet).
– The Clan Tab has been edited to be more appealing.
– The Dark Weapon buff is now available on the Scheme Buffer.

– Krator’s skill list has been adjusted to match retail.
– An issue where Epic Cannon Golem Adjunct was acting like a minion has been fixed. In addition, its location has been adjusted to match retail.

– NPC & door stats have been adjusted to match retail for the following fortresses: Aaru, Antharas, Archaic, Bayou, Borderland, Cloud Mountain, Demon Fortress, Dragonspine, Floran, Hunter’s, Ivory, Monastic, Narsell, Shanty, Southern, Swamp, Tanor, Valley, Western, White Sands.
– An issue where the Ballistas at Demon Fortress had an incorrect spawn location has been fixed.
– An issue where Southern Fortress was missing guard NPCs has been fixed.
– An exploit associated with the casting range of the flag pole skill has been fixed.
– From now on, Fortress Flags will be removed when the player leave the siege zone.
– An issue where the Fortress Barracks would not regenerate within 10 minutes of the first one being destroyed has been fixed.
– The drop rate for Knight’s Epaulettes has been decreased to x1.
– Issues associated with Tanor Fortress’ Peace Captain Archer have been fixed.

– An issue where cosmetic items from the INERA Store could be sold for a price has been fixed.

– The Soul of Pain skill has been adjusted to match retail.
– The NPC Skill Windstrike – Slow has been adjusted to match retail.
– The Pa’agrios Fist & Final Secret skills have been adjusted to match retail.